Anthonia Sherry Dimkpa

Local Film Crew - AnthoniaAnthonia Sherry Dimkpa holds a B.Sc. grade in Accounting. As an indigene of the Ogoni community, she is keen to change traditional practices and beliefs that in her own words “dampen the zeal of women”. Anthonia’s drive for social change may benefit from her proven camera skills. She rapidly developed from a hesitant beginner to a skillful cameraperson with an admirable eye for detail and framing.

Adibalakumo Naingba

Local-Filmcrew---Adibalakumo2Adibalakumo Naingba is a National Diploma (ND) holder in two fields of study: Law and Office Technology & Management. She has a drive to “canvass for social justice and fairness in all spheres of life, especially governance”. She works as a civil servant and is keen to further develop her camera skills and techniques. She has proven her capacity to produce captivating shots. 

Sound & Interviews

Helen Omodamin Omusuku

Local-Filmcrew---Helen2Helen Omodamin Omusuku grew up in Lagos and returned to the Niger Delta after studying English (BA Hons) and Industrial and Labour Relations (MILR). She is keen to use her education to bring about change and speak up for marginalised women: “I want to put myself in their shoes and feel how hard it really punches”. She performed outstandingly as a soundperson and interviewer. With admirable patience and respect she encouraged women who were not used to thinking and talking about themselves to speak their minds.

Bogofanyo Inengibo

Local-film-crew---Bogofanyo2Bogofanyo Inengibo has a passion for “giving a voice to the voiceless in society”. She has worked for a local newspaper and two radio stations and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education & History. As a sound person and interviewer she displayed a flair for asking the right questions at the right time. She competently links women’s personal experiences to the wider societal context. Bogofanyo read the voice-overs for Daughters of the Niger Delta

Production Assistance

Naomi Alaere Ofoni

Local-Filmcrew---Naomi2Naomi Alaere Ofoni holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Mathematics. She was trained in filmmaking as part of the FEMSCRIPT project, revealing a flair for the camera that she would love to develop further in future. She kindly allowed her fellow trainees to capture her personal story on camera, while doubling as a production assistant. Naomi’s participation in FEMSCRIPT and Daughters of the Niger Delta was based on her drive to “fight against traditional and religious practices that work to keep women of the Niger Delta in bondage”.

Some of the footage used in Daughters of the Niger Delta was produced as part of MIND’s previous FEMSCRIPT project. See here who were part of the FEMSCRIPT Crew.