Some of the footage used in Daughters of the Niger Delta was produced as part of MIND’s previous FEMSCRIPT project (www.mindng.org/projects/femscript.html). Besides the Local Film Crew members, the FEMSCRIPT team consisted of the following trainees - who interchangeably practiced filmography, sound, and interviews:

Eseoghene Odjugo, Esq.

FEMSCRIPT - EseogheneEseoghene Odjugo, Esq. is a young Nigerian Legal practitioner (BL) from the Niger Delta.  She applied for FEMSCRIPT as she was “not satisfied just being a lawyer with so much poverty around me.” She does not believe in the idea of leaving social needs to the government or business sectors alone. Besides her work as a lawyer, she is the co-founder / Executive director of the Olive – Child Foundation, a non-governmental organization in Rivers State. The foundation is concerned with meeting the educational needs of indigent children in rural communities in Rivers State.

Gloria Woyinkari Ikibah

FEMSCRIPT---GloriaGloria Woyinkari Ikibah holds a Bachelor’s degree in fine arts. Before joining FEMSCRIPT, she did production work for two TV production companies and served as a researcher/ writer for a lifestyle magazine. She praised the project for being “a unique opportunity to acquire hands-on work experience in the field […] by sharing real problems with others, as opposed to theoretical classroom learning”. Gloria has recently obtained a Master’s degree in Art History, and works with The Nigerian Pilot Newspaper as a senior staff writer focusing on culture and tourism.

Nkechi Mary Onyenenue

FEMSCRIPT---NkechiNkechi Mary Onyenenue holds a B.A. (Ed) Honour in Nursery and Primary Education. She personally experienced the impact of the traditional inheritance customs in her community when she lost her parents and was dispossessed as a child. Despite her challenging childhood, she managed to obtain a degree. After FEMSCRIPT, she was resolved to utilise her newly acquired gender insights in her work as a teacher.

 Telema Pepple

FEMSCRIPT---TelemaTelema Pepple is a Degree Holder in Secretarial Administration and holds a Diploma in Law. After participating in training for non-state actors during the EU- programme ‘Increasing Non-State Actors Implementation and Development Expertise (INSIDE)’, she worked as an Enumerator in Rivers and Bayelsa States during the INSIDE enumeration of non-state actors. She also worked as an accountant, and served as a National Assistance Secretary to the Association for Non-Violence in the Niger Delta. In these positions, she travelled across the Niger Delta and obtained first-hand knowledge of the problems affecting women and youth at the grassroots. Femscript inspired her to “tell the stories of those who are suffering and have no voice to cry out for help.