MIND (Media, Information & Narrative Development) is a non-profit capacity building organisation based in Nigeria. It aims to at strengthen the information base of civil society initiatives across  Nigeria and promote the use of participatory media for social empowerment.

MIND provides training in the following areas:

MIND has enrolled innovative participatory media programs like FEMSCRIPT (2010-2011), Daughters of the Niger Delta (2011-2012), and WEAVE (2012-2013). These projects equip marginalised groups in Nigeria – especially women - with media, communication, and civic agency skills aimed at strengthening their public voices and enriching public discourse.

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FLL is a non-profit organisation that provides training in participatory video. It has facilitated participatory video workshops for young women in different cultures, from Africa to Eastern Europe.

FLL is experienced in creating a safe environment for self-expression and knows how to protect people’s privacy and security while sensitive matters are being explored through video. Its workshops focus on issues of gender, sexuality, sexual and cultural diversity, health, and women’s rights/ human rights.

Drawing on years of experience in camera journalism, video editing, and TV production, FLL also is involved in the production of short documentaries and promotional films.

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