Inatimi Odio

Others Featuring - TimiInatimi Odio works as a programme advisor for an established community development organization in the Niger Delta. His insights and reflections are based on ten years hands-on field experience as a community development practitioner. He has lived and worked in various communities in the heart of the Niger Delta, including communities at the frontlines of the oil and gas production.

Ruth Ebidoere Oweifiye

Others featuring RuthRuth Ebidoere Oweifiye raised her daughter Naomi as a single parent. She has worked her way up from a divorcee of limited education to a respected Chief Community Health Extension Worker. In the film she explains why her daughter’s education was so important to her.

William Omajuwa Emmanuel

Others Featuring WilliamNaomi’s husband, William Omajuwa Emmanuel, is a Welding and Underwater Fabrication Engineer. The couple works as a team in the upbringing of the two kids: a boy and a girl. William was a pillar of support to Naomi during her challenging years in university.

Ouougbayne Churchill

Others Featuring - OuougbayneRebecca’s husband Ouougbayne Churchill is a civil servant in a nearby town. He has three wives, among whom he tries to divide his time fairly. In the film, Ouougbayne talks about Ijaw beliefs and customs concerning childbearing.


Caroline Giadom

Others Featuring CarolineCaroline Giadom reflects critically on the unfairness of the Ogoni traditions in her home town Bodo City. These stipulate that widowers can remarry but widows may not. Caroline works as a teacher and farmer in the community. She believes that women could have more power if they would unite.

Kevin Damo

Others Featuring - Kevin DamoKevin Damo lives in Rebecca’s home town, Tuomo. As a business man married to three women he aspires to have many children. Some of his wives fish and farm while others are in business. He feels bad about the burdens brought to women.